Backyard Home Show

Meet all the Vendors from the 2017
US97 / Royal Windows & More Home and Outdoor Show!

Our vendors displayed so many different ways to enjoy
and improve your home at the show.
We had displays and demonstrations on everything
from energy efficiency, to ideas on technical improvements.

The vendor’s list below includes experts in many various fields.
Call them to ask your questions,
and discover what is new for your life and home this year.

The vendors look forward to talking with  you!

ABC Block and Brick
907 Spring St., Hot Springs, AR
Call: 501.623.9021  Booth E-11


Advanced AM Promotions
1813 Creighton Rd, Pensacola,

Call: 501.767.8500 Booth K-8


Aerus Electrolux
6701 W. 12th St Ste.1, Little Rock, AR
Call: 1.501-666-0385  Booth I-2


Arkansas Furniture
1901 Albert Pike Rd., Hot Springs, AR
Call: 501-623-3849 Booth H-4


Bath Fitter
4507 E 43rd, North Little Rock, AR 72217
Call: 1.877.585.2284  Booth A-11 & 12


Cablelynx Broadband
Hot Springs, AR
Call: 1.800.903.0508  Booth A-8


City Termite and Pest Control
1525 West Moline St., Malvern, AR
Call: 501.624.4116 Booth B-9


Clean Chimney Sweep
P.O. Box 8292, Hot Springs AR
Call: 501.525-4933  Booth C-11


Community Builders
9809 Mann Rd., Mablevale, AR
Call:501-280-0803  Booth I-8


Crete Cast
105 Mission Dr., Nashville, Arkansas 71852
Call: 870.557.1243  Booth H-9


Cutco Cutlery
322 Houghton Ave., Olean, NY
Call: 1.800.828.0448  Booth B-10


Derksen Portable Building
2600 Airport Rd., Hot Springs, AR
Derksen Buildings
Call: 501-282-6412  Booths H-2 & H-3


Falk Plumbing Supply
223 Third St., Hot Springs, AR 71913
Call: 501.321.1231   Booth C-12


Garland County Habitat for Humanity
835 Central Ave., Ste. 401, Hot Springs, AR
Garland County Habitat for Humanity
Call: 501.623.5600  Booth C-5


Green Acres Landscaping
177 Red Oak Dr., Hot Springs, AR
Call: 501.623.1110  Booth H-6


Grisham Aire Care
209 Buena Vista Rd., Hot Springs, AR
Call: 501.525.2665   Booth J-10


Hot Springs Cleaning Systems
2230 Malvern Ave. Ste.  A, Hot Springs, AR
Call: 501.623.9724  Booth D-11


Jordan Bedding
4735 Malvern Ave., Hot Springs, AR 71901
Call: 501.262.1581  Booth J-9


Larry Diggs Construction, Inc.
6201 Central Ave, Hot Springs, AR
Call: 501.525.9550  Booth J-8


Mid South Pools
916 Airport Rd, Hot Springs, AR 71913
Call: 501.623.1710  Booth H-5


North Shores Resorts
190 Shore View Loop, Jessieville, AR
North Shores Website
Call: 501.984.5420 Booth J-4


Nulife Homes LL
344 Elmwood
Call: 501.690.4182 Booth K-12


Pro Gear Solutions
501 Airport Rd., Hot Springs, AR
Call: 501.463.9224 Booth I-9


Quality Aire Care
1oo5 E. Grand Ave., Hot Springs, AR
Call: 501.760.SERV Booth D-2,3,4


Royal Windows & More
129 Cranberry Trail, Royal, AR
Call:888.295.4274 Booths H-11, 12, & 13


Seal Energy Solutions
705 Main St., N. Little Rock, AR
Call: 844.376.7325 Booth K-2


3834 Central Ave. Ste. B, Hot Springs, AR
Sprint Store Locator
Call: 888.295.4274 Booth I-5


Sun Dome of Arkansas
By Appt.: Call for Free Estimate
Call: 501.620.4129  Booth J-3


Sutherlands-Hot Springs
1831 Albert Pike, Hot Springs, AR
Sutherlands-Hot Springs
Call:  501.321-4364  Booths D-6 & E-5,6 


The Floor Store
802 Airport Rd., Hot Springs, AR
Call: 501.318.9898  Booth B-13


Triple P Roofing
69 Resplendor Way, Hot Springs Village, AR
Call: 318.564.1479  Booth I-12


United Rental
513 Airport Rd., Hot Springs, AR
United Rental Hot Springs, AR
Call: 501.525.3268  Booth J-5


Water Proofing, Inc.
1852 Smoke Ridge Rd., Malvern, AR
Water Proofing, Inc.
Call: 501.609.6487  Booth I-4


Adams Pest Control
12324 Stagecoach, Little Rock, AR
Hot Springs – Call: 501.623.3811  Booth B-2


AEDC Energy Office
6301 Northshore Dr., N. Little Rock, AR
Call: 1.888.524.4567  Booth D-10


Alan Springs Allstate Agency
109 Airport Rd, Ste. 8, Hot springs, AR

Allstate Agency Web Site
Call: 501.767.8500 Aisle H-I(Wall)


Bank of Little Rock Mortgage
149 Section Line Rd., Ste. L, Hot Springs, AR
Call: 501.318.9998  Booth D-9


Bath Planet of Hot Springs, AR
1801 Higdon Ferry Rd., Hot Springs, AR
BathPlanet/Hot Springs
Call: 855-501-Bath  Front Wall


City Plumbing, Heating, Electric Inc.
318 Third St., Hot Springs, AR
Call: 501.623.3322   Booth B-11


Clarks Building & Decorating Center
419 Westinghouse Dr., Hot Springs AR
Call: 501.262.2262  Booth A-9 & A-10


Clear Water Pools
3131 Airport Rd., Hot Springs, AR
Call: 501.760.8390  Booth E-3 & E-4


Country Gardens
3820 Albert Pike Rd., Hot Springs, AR
Country Gardens AR
Call: 501.760.1331  Booth E-12


Custom Insulation & Supply Inc.
112 Cloud Rest Court, Hot Springs, AR
Call: 501.617.2212  Booths J-13 & K-13


Daniell Air & Electric
104 Trooper Dr., Hot Springs, AR
Call: 501.261.9425  Booths B-8, C-8, & C-9


Discount Developers
12281 Arkansas 84, Ste 2, Bismarck, AR
Call: 501.617.9712 Booths B-3,4, & c-3,4


Final Touch Roofs
457 W. Grand, Hot Springs, AR
Call: 501.525.4200 Booth I-6


Granite Transformations
9648 Maumelle Boulevard, Maumelle, AR
Call:  501.791.3400  Booth 1-13 


Greenway Equipment
25315 South I-30 Frontage Rd, Bryant, AR
Call: 501.753.4100  Booths K-9 & 10


Hot Springs Awning
2390 Airport Rd., Hot Springs, AR
Call: 501.623.7786  Booth H-8


Hyla Systems
950 Hogan Lane #3, Conway, AR
Call: 501.513.9400  Booth J-12


Kitchen Craft International
4129 United Ave., Mt. Dora, FL
Call: 1-800-800-2850  Booth C-2


McGrew Electric
507 Hobson, Hot Springs, AR
Call: 501.760.3440  Booths J-6 & K-6


Miracle Method
9740 Maumelle, AR
Call: 501.246.8002 Booth B-12


Northside Power & Electric
517 Bird St., Benton, AR
Call: 501.315.7213  Booths B-6 & C-6


Primary Residential Mortgage
3909 Central Ave. Ste. A, Hot Springs, AR
Call: 501.318.1700 Booths I-11


Pro Tint & Graphics
110 Crawford St., Hot Springs, AR 71913
Call: 501.525.7277  Booth I-10


Reed’s Metals
12655 I-30S, Benton, AR
Call: 501.776.3825  Booth A-13


Sam’s Club
1368 Higdon Ferry Rd., Hot Springs, AR
Call:  501.625.7201  Booth A-5


Southern Floor Co. & Interiors
4013 N Hwy 7, Hot Springs Village, AR
Call: 501.623.3000  Booth E-13


Sugar Loaf Creek Furniture
1226 Sugar Loaf Valley Rd., Bonnerdale, AR
Sugar Loaf Creek Furniture FB PageCall:  870.828.1404  Booths  A-4 


Superior Senior Care
715 W. Grand Ave., Hot springs, AR
Call: 1.800.951-9792  Booth I-3


Terminix Hot Springs
Hot Springs, AR
Call: 501.358.5873  Booths B-5


Tornado Shelter Systems
2351 Lewisburg Rd., Austin, TX

Call:  501.941.1005  Booth D-8


Tuff Shed
7720 Interstate 30, Little Rock, AR
Call: 501.776.0442  Booths E-8 & 9


Valley Building Specialties
5401 Central Avenue, Ste. G, Hot Springs, AR
Call: 501.525.3268  Booth C-13


West Termite & Pest
215 Twin Points, Hot Springs, AR
West Termite & Pest Website
Call: 501.321.0040  Booth C-10

The recent additions to the Show’s Vendor list.

Arkansas Democrat
Little Rock, AR
Call: 501-623-3849 Booth A-3


Casa Verde
3924 Hwy 7 N, Hot Springs Village, AR
Call: 501.609.9900  Booth E-2


The Cord Cutter
The Cord Cutter
Call: 850-424-1688 Booth C-2


Master Gardeners-Garland County
236 Woodbine St., Hot Springs, AR
Master Gardeners’ Facebook Page
Call: 501.623.6841 Booth G-10


Plyler Home Center
101 W.Broadway, Glenwood, Arkansas
Call: 870.356-3312 Booth L-10


Royal Prestige
US Distributors
Royal Prestige Website
Booths K-2 & 3


Square J Construction
Call Jason
Call: 870.925.0116 Booth J-11

Captel Outreach
Captel Arkansas Website
Call: 1.800.233.9130 Booth K-9


CD Trees
Hot Springs, AR
CD Trees-Facebook
Call: 501-262.8401 Booth L-10


Hot Springs Animals Services
319 Davidson Dr, Hot Springs, AR
Hot Springs Animals Services Website
Call: 501.262.2091 Booth L-2


Call: 888.617.1303 Booth L-13


10900 Stagecoach Rd., Ste. A, Little Rock, AR
Call: 501.455.8600  Booths L-11


Sentinnel Record
Hot Springs, AR
Booth L-12


Surface Renew
North Little Rock, AR
Call: 501.920.9326  Booth K-4


The URL’s are LIVE links. Visit the websites.
If you are on a mobile device, simply tap the phone
numbers to call the businesses.

To Exhibitors:
Should contact information need to be changed,
please send an email 
to with the corrections.
Thank you.